Father, Catholic, Software Engineer, and Amateur Philosopher and Theologian

I'm webmakersteve, a software engineer working on distributed systems. When I'm not working or with my family, I like to consume a lot of Catholic philosophy and theology, and sometimes apologetical content.

Can God Murder?

Are arguments against God that rely on moral intuition sound? Is it possible for God to murder another? Is an exception to the moral order for God just special pleading, and therefore fallacious?

Dogmatic Reading of the Bible

What should we do when we encounter a difficulty in the Bible? How should we move forward? Is it irrational cognative dissonance to have faith despite the difficulties?

Notes on Suffering

So many have answered the question of "Why do we suffer?" Here is a response I gave to someone who came to me in their grief, with some redactions

Are We Obliged to Pray for the Unrepentant?

While prayer for the dead is important, are we obliged to pray for those dead whom we beleive there to be little hope of salvation? A reflection on our duties as Christians in this way.

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